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GIS is a blend of S/W and H/W used to collect, manipulate analyst and produce geographical data
Geo-coding is when you associate a place name or an address with map coordinates. Geo-referencing is the process of associating plain digital images taken from a satellite or a plane with map coordinates so that they can be overlaid on street maps.
The two data structures that can hold spatial data include raster and vector.
Commands do not require interaction with the map, they just rely on surface. Tools on the other hand require interaction with the map canvas.
Arc Map, Arc catalog and Arc toolbox.
Remote sensing refers to detection and classification of objects on or in earth without physical contact, generally attained through aerial sensors.
Competent decisions can only be rendered by reliable data and though GIS is an amazing data management tool, using it with GPS helps in validating the data analysis and results.
Where you are,How the size of the map relates to the size of a real place and direction as North,east,south,west.
Direction, What the symbols on the map mean and The distance between the equator and a point north or south on the earth’s surface
Global Positioning System(GPS) is a space based satellite navigation system that provides location and time information in all the weather conditions, anywhere on or near the earth.
A Global Positioning System’s receiver calculates its position by precisely timing the signals sent by Global Positioning System satellite high above the earth. These distances and satellite location are used to compute the location of the receiver using the Navigation Equations. Although 4 satellites are required for normal operation, fewer apply in special cases.
The structure of GPS have three main segments. These are as follows: Page segment, Control segment and User segment
Space segment is composed of 24 to 32 satellites in medium Earth orbit and also includes the payload adapter to the boosters required to launch them into orbit.
Control segment is composed of a master control station , an alternate master control station, and a host of dedicated and shared ground antennas and monitor stations.

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