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SPAGEO GPS Tracking System

GPS Tracking System (Mobile and Web Application) 

    • Real time monitoring of the SecurityPersonnel's movements
    • Visually represent the geographical locations of the Security Personnel/ key personnel over a Digital Maps for tracking.
    • Unauthorized halt. deviation from predefined route, over speed of movement to be highlighted through exception reports.
    • Data received from hand held devices will be received at server and stored in database. This data will contain information like longitude, latitude, speed, date, time, location etc.
    • Real Time Tracking - Real time information on Security Personnel status based on location, speed and time.
    • Vehicle On/Off including nonroutine times of the day.
    • Trip Replay - Should provide replay of the routes traveled by Security Personnel plotted on the map.
    • Online Alerts -Critical alerts such as Walking Speed stoppages Any DetourTaken Alert Message shall be given to the Security Personnel/Concern Security Guard. On their unit on any deviation set by location in charge.
    • Daily Initialization of Each unit by base Station.
    • Over Speed alerts on the web application
    • Security Personnel and Group Management -Update Security Personnel profiles, as well as manage their groups and types.n
    • Reports - Should provide reports by date, Security PersonnellD or By Name.
    • Generate standard reports on criteria such as Security Personnel stoppages, Security Personnel speeding or trip summary.
    • The real time location of the security Personnel should be available on the MAP
    • The route undertaken by the security Personnel's should be shown on the MAP.
    • Total Distance traveled, distance traveled between stops.
    • Total time, time taken between stops, time taken during a trip.

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