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SpaGeo provides IT Services & Solution for Enterprises for achieving their objective & goals. Be it customization or development of apllication, our IT Team is always ready for challenging tasks with their Skills & Experience. SpaGeo provides innovative, robust and easy-to-use geospatial software and IT solutions. These innovative products benefit from quality assurance schemes and are developed to meet the latest IT and G.I.S. standards. Innovations mean uniqueness and in many regards are our products unique. SpaGeo provides range of quality business software solutions and services to several large and medium customers across the region. With partnerships with global software giants and skills & expertise on wide variety software platforms including leading edge Internet and e-commerce technologies, SPAGEO shall bring to its customers high quality software services and products.The cost effective solutions through its onsite responsibility and offshore development to various customers in the Manufacturing, Finance, Transportation and Retail industries is proposed to be offered.

Mobile Development

As a company, we made a strategic decision to move our focus from GIS development for the PC web, to mobile location app development.Our thinking has been for the long time that mobile will revolutionize the field of location-focused technology. We provide the various Mobile Developement services.

  • Mobile GIS application solutions
  • Enterprise GIS solutions
  • Development of Location Based Services (LBS)
  • Comprehensive data management, Geo-database development, Cross platform migration

Vehicle Tracking

SpaGeo Technologies has implemented GIS / GPS mapping solution. The system has been operational for several months and is currently tracking several fleets of vehicles. Based on open, extensible architecture, the solution interfaces with several hardware devices through an independent communications library. The web-based system works in any browser, and with its tight integration with Google Maps provides an accurate and cost-effective vehicle tracking solution.

The vehicles are fitted with GPS receiver and radio based transmitter device to transfer the vehicle location data on the server for further analysis. On the server GIS maps are used to plot the location.

  • Google® maps with Street View
  • GIS map overlay
  • Exception alert emails & reports
  • API data service for integration option