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Geospatial component plays an extremely important role in your E&P data, therefore, becomes a nucleus of databases for the integration and management in your company's integration policy. You can harness the potential of GIS analysis and combine with all E&P interpretation Applications, share all across the company on Cloud/GIS web server and integrate with other data management portals/business intelligence/SAP, SpaGeo can provide high quality, vendor independent GIS based data integration and management solutions in order to keep all your team completely in sync, improving deliveries and efficiencies, seamless access to various data and platforms, therefore enhancing productions and ROI.

We offer a high quality, vendor independent, data management services including:

Data Loading and QC

  • Managed data loading to huge variety of industry standards, database, formats, workstations.
  • Data quality improvement using Geotrace's innovative technologies and quality people.

Data Management

  • Catalogue creation
  • Asset promotion, we can assemble information into single marketable package for presentation to, potential customers/investors.

Data Conversion/ Migration/ETL

  • Data transcription and transformation between format e.g. workstation interpretation platforms or petro physical applications.
  • We use TIES, Geokettle, Safe, FME and other industry's best ETL tools.
  • Data delivery to all major industry standards, database and workstations.

Integration through TIES/ETL

  • We can connects your data, workstations, application and database and can rapidly move data between popular industry databases and application stores, such as Tigress, Petrel, Kingdom Suite, OpenWorks and many others.

Corporate Database Development

  • We work on TIGRESS- Corp database, which provides real-time data retrieval and storage for multiple concurrent users and multiple projects. Versioning, access controls and audit trails ensure the continued quality of data stored, and offer multiple layers of data security. The Tigress applications are fully integrated with the database, allowing interpretation using data from all disciplines to accurately model the reservoir, without the need for data duplication.

Consulting Services on the data integration and management