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There has always been a gap between the actual map features and representation and visualization in the GIS maps. This gap is now seems to be fulfilled by spatial multimedia. This is new area in the GIS industries where visualization is real time with the aid of georeferenced videos. spatial multimedia brings geo-referenced and ground-truthed video multimedia and bringing digital, interactive mapping capabilities to the desktop of the planning professionals.

Spageo provides total solution right from creation of spatial multimedia database to customization of application for the spatial multimedia.

Spatial Multimedia can be used in following applications

Planning for Civic Amenities (Municipalities)

Municipalities shall be considering for reframing its civic amenities in many cities due to natural resources stress. For the extensive planning work, GIS dataset would be required. The application of Spatial Multimedia would be highly useful for this purpose.

  • Asset inventory
  • Maintenance planning
  • Quality assurance


Water, Sewer, Gas pipeline, telecom and electric utilities as well as companies have started GIS technologies for the operation, management, and servicing of these assets.

Spageo provides the utility market with highly versatile, cost-effective, and easily integrated solutions that enables better decision-making. We offer a fully automated process for the geo-referencing and mapping of digital photographs, video, and audio. More importantly, we provide you with tools that dramatically enhance the use and sharing of field data - right from your desktop.


The use of digital photographs, video, and audio is an extremely useful and important tool for site documentation and communication. Spatial Multimedia can prove valuable for EIA and EMP studies.

Transport and Engineering

  • Rail Track Management
  • Highway maintenance
  • Site surveying
  • Construction phase reporting and monitoring
  • Environmental compliance

Insurance Sector

  • Pre and post disaster management
  • Damage assessment


Spatial Multimedia can be used for for advertising, brand promotion and business actions. Each geo-referenced spot in the spatial multimedia programs can show what your company has to offer to the market and reach customers directly.

Strategic Analyses

Spatial multimedia can be used planning the areas of influence of your business, design better expansion and development strategies as well as determine your advertising targets.


Geospatial information (Lat, Lon, UTC etc.) from the GPS receiver is encapsulated in metadata tags of every image taken.

Video Mapping System

  • Video Camera: Most off-the-shelf models with 3.5mm external microphone jack, supports standard NTSC and PAL, SD or HD video formats (some restrictions on HD)
  • Recording: All video, audio, and GPS data encapsulated in a single file on the hard drive or memory card in the camcorder
  • GPS: WAAS-enabled for greater location accuracy in the US; supports international SBAS (Satellite Based Augmentation System) in Europe and Asia
  • Audio: Record verbal notes to compliment video
  • Feature trigger: Record points of interest for automatic mapping and quick review
  • Power: Operates on rechargeable batteries or DC-input from vehicle / vessel


  • 4 channel simultaneous GPS-tagged video and audio
  • Rugged solid state drive for harsh environments
  • Perfect for large-scale data collection and video distribution
  • Easily export geo-tagged videos to MediaMapper 5.3, GeoVideo, and MediaMapper Server for viewing and analysis


  • Format: Record in High-Definition or standard definition
  • Recording: All video, audio, and GPS data encapsulated in a single file on compact flash card, seamlessly switches recording from card 1 to card 2
  • GPS: WAAS-enabled
  • Allows you to "map" points of interest for quick analysis
  • Photo Capture: Automatically capture geo-referenced still photos from High-Definition video
  • Analysis: GIS software allows for subject matter experts to create electronic work products