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Road Inventory and Monitoring System

The Road Inventory and monitoring system is a road inventory protocol and analysis method that implements the latest scientific findings on the impacts of roads quality and quantity. The tools for analysis are a new generation, bringing together existing resource data and DEMs with road inventory data in way that allows more powerful analyses than previously possible.

Roadway Inventory is a techinque use for maintaining the roadway inventory system based on Cloud GIS Based and Mobile GIS based technologies. The inventory includes the functional classification of roads, total mileage, owner, contractor/ vendor management and the assets assigned to roadway sections. This system verifies, maintains, and reports mileage. The section is also responsible for maintaining the Highway Performance Monitoring System.

Potholes Mapping

Most potholes are formed as a result of fatigue of the road surface. As fatigue fractures develop, they typically create a pattern known as crocodile cracking. The chunks of pavement between the fatigue cracks gradually work loose, and may eventually be plucked or forced out of the surface by continued wheel loads; this represents the beginnings of a pothole.

The application enable users to label the potholes three ways:

  • Small: one foot or less in diameter - portion of the road material is broken away. Holes and lumps.
  • Medium: one to three feet in diameter - quick swerve to avoid. Deep ruts.
  • Large: three feet or larger - road is not passable for most cars. Moon-like crater.

Potholes mapping is used as monitoring activities for the effectiveness of repair and maintenance work. We have evolved customized Video Mapping solution, where georeferenced videos are captured and analysed on GIS platform.

Video Mapping

At Spa Geo Technologies, we provide solution for mapping Roads and Highways by taking method for inventorying street and highway pavement, assessing their current condition, and for reviewing their condition over time. This data is used to identify appropriate maintenance strategies and to develop maintenance and rehabilitation projects.


We have done R&D on the UAV customization and developed methods for the roads inventory. The data processing is challenging arrived from UAV acquisition due to parameters. For the Pothole and Road Inventory, this methods is widely used.

Android App

We have developed Androd based app, which is integrated with in built camera, GPS and Vibration sensors.