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Due to the increasing frequency of disasters worldwide, a lot of international organizations, are upgrading the priority of disaster risk management, Spa Geo has the necessary capabilities, tools and technologies to provide solutions for disaster prevention, mitigation, and preparedness. We along with our partners put together a service package for disaster and risk management.
The main activity areas are :

  • Disaster and Emergency Response-Management
  • Risk assessment
  • Disaster prevention and mitigation
  • Disaster preparedness
  • Disaster risk management as part of rehabilitation and reconstruction
  • Humanitarian Assistance

Disaster and Emergency Response Management

We combine our years of practical field experience with our technical expertise to deliver a fully integrated, comprehensive solution which is deployable even in extreme and disconnected environments.
The Mobile Data Collection Applicationwill enable your Emergency Response Team to quickly assess and report the information on the ground via Android, BlackBerry, and iPhone mobile devices.
Decision makers are empowered to evaluate and manage the situation in real-time from any location worldwide, with internet access, using theCommand & Control Center.
The Command & Control Center is a powerful workflow management system and situational awareness tool for emergency and disaster response, management, reconstruction, and mitigation.
Thefull functional control panelis an intuitive, interactive user interface which provides an extensive visual for management of the situation on the ground in real-time including:

  • Powerful mapping utilizing the Google Maps API
  • The ability to import a wide variety of spatial information including GIS and reporting data - i.e. Starfire (Strategic Treatment Assessment Response Spectrum and Fire) analysis layers, airport grid map, evacuation zone maps, flood zone maps, etc.
  • Overlay of data directly from theCloud Application- i.e. infrastructure damage assessment data
  • Addition layers and custom map markers can also be added to provide a more comprehensive visual - i.e. location of hospitals, nuclear plants, dams, pump stations, schools, emergency shelters, etc.
  • Draw regions on the map to further categorize areas based on crisis level and management
  • Monitor, track, and pin-point the locations of team members collecting data
  • Two-way communication including Alerts to notify field teams of hazards and emergency situations
  • Track and manage equipment and resources such as emergency vehicles and tankers via GPS technology

Humanitarian Assistance

  • Rapid, Relevant Data Collection

    In the extremely fast paced environment of a humanitarian emergency, obtaining accurate and timely information is critical in preventing human suffering and saving lives. TheMobile Data Collection Application can be rapidly deployed in humanitarian response, assistance, and relief efforts to collect accurate and detailed critical information in real-time. Our Application is flexible and scalable, designed to evolve with rapidly changing information needs. As new priorities arise, new forms and surveys can be created online within minutes and pushed out to field teams - no programming skills required. Images, video, and GPS coordinates can also be included with the data collected, providing more insight than paper forms. The Mobile Data Collection Application utilizes the most common smartphones, with applications available for immediate download from the Android, Blackberry, and iPhone App Stores, keeping procurement costs as low as possible. All the information that's captured from the field is sent to theCloud Application. Our cloud application is a powerful mobile data integration system which allows decision makers to view, map, manage, analyze, report on, visualize, and share field information. This enables organizations to make real-time decisions on aid priorities and allocation as well as coordinate efforts and collaborate with other organizations.
  • Data Analysis and Long-term Projection

    Our Application can be used for data collection across every humanitarian sector, enabling rapidly deployable surveys on infrastructure and building damage, water quality and access, food security, public health, and much more. With electronic data capture and management, rapid needs assessments can provide real-time information on humanitarian needs, allowing immediate direction of resources. Additionally, application enables more efficient long-term monitoring and evaluation of programs, allowing organizations to measure their success and pin-point their most effective strategies.
  • Asset Tracking and Logistics

    TheCommand & Control Centercan help with the complex logistical situations that arise in humanitarian emergencies by tracking incoming and outgoing assets at headquarters and field locations. The Center also enables tracking of field teams and two-way communication, including an Alert system which can notify personnel of dangerous situations.
  • Infield Data Collection Teams

    Our professional team has years of practical experience with data collection activities for humanitarian assistance and disaster response in the harshest environments and under the operational pressures accompanying humanitarian work. As we are a full service company, we also offer the services of our professional team who are prepared forin-field data collectionas part of a complete data management system.