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Integrated solution in Orebody Modelling and Mine Planning

We are developing product for the Ore Body Modelling and Mine Planning. It is an integrated solution involving GIS, Image processing, statistics, data input, 3D visualization and digitization, digital terrain model (DTM) construction, geological solid modeling, block modeling, classical and geostatistical resource and reserve estimation, mine design and planning. The solution is ready to be rolled out with minimum customization as per requirement.
We have considered following modules:

    • Data Input and Drill Hole Logging
    • Digital Terrain Modeling (DTM)
    • 3D Modeling and Visualization
    • Volumetric Operations
    • Geological Solid Modeling
    • Block Modeling
    • Resource and Reserve Estimation
    • Mine Design and Production Planning
    • Ventilation Design
    • Bench Design
    • Blasting Design
    • Dump Site Design
    • Allowance and Contractor Works
    • Stereo Visualization
    • Reporting
    • GIS Integration

Mining Tenement System

Our tenement management system is Web GIS based designed in response to a need in the marketplace for tighter controls and monitoring of tenement expenditure and the identification of bottlenecks in the processing and reporting of auditable transactions.
We sought to minimize the processing time and effort involved in capturing and classifying tenement expenditure and enable users to report on their tenement expenditure at the push of a button.
The feature of MTS:

  • Development of GIS based Mineral Titles Online
  • Development of eLodgement functionality which is supported by the 'Approvals and Related Reforms as per Mining Act.'
  • Rental Payments
  • Extension of Term/Renewal
  • Spatial selection of application area for an Exploration License
  • Enhanced Native Title information and tracking for Tenement Applications and Amalgamations.
  • Work flow management and business process like Operations Report - Expenditure on a Mining Tenement, Objection, Application for Exemption, Application for Mining Tenement Integrated with State level and National database and MTS system
  • Reporting in textual and GIS form and MIS