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SpaGeo provides Geoscience solutions and services, both within India and internationally. We have a skilled work force, with a proven and adaptable track record in the development and delivery of technology solutions (geoscience software systems) and the provision of services to ensure such systems are successfully implemented, and supported throughout their life-cycle within the client environment. We widely use Geotrace's products and domain expertise in terms of supply of software experts and to ensure project management and workflows are optimized to deliver a high quality exploration and production data management service. We have a pool of experienced geoscientists who are regularly contracted to work with oil and gas companies to provide specialist data management support services.

Data Management

The Tigress data management product portfolio is divided into GeoBrowse, PDS, the data loading applications and the data links. Together these elements provide you with the security and simplicity of a single, integrated data store, the applications needed to populate and maintain your projects, and the data links you will need to ensure your data can be exchanged with partners and other E&P software packages. Finally, GeoBrowse gives you a powerful geographical information system (GIS) for querying multiple databases and comparing the results.
    Our Data Management product includes:
  • GeoBrowse
  • Project Data Store
  • PDS Data Loaders and Data Links

Interpretation Tools

We provide a comprehensive set of interpretative applications covering the disciplines of geophysics, geology, petrophysics, mapping, petroleum engineering, reservoir simulation and production management. The Tigress application suite is fully integrated with the PDS, allowing individuals or teams to successfully model the reservoir, sharing the same data and interpretations throughout the process.

  • Geophysics
  • Geology
  • Petrophysics
  • Mapping
  • Engineering
  • Simulation
  • Production Data Management and Analysis