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SpaGeo has been consistently working to develop solution for the various utilities and engineering organization. Our USP is Integrated workflow and process using latest technologies, which makes us niche and ahead from others as we use efficiently GIS in the core for business processes. We have long established record of supplying complete mapping solutions to Utility and engineering companies around the world. Our solutions include mapping and GIS software for web, mobile and office environments with integration with Customer Care, Distribution, Billing and Works management systems.


We offer a professional suite of spatially-enabled applications aimed at the design, management and exploitation of power-supply networks (low, medium and high voltage).

This requires the handling of large amounts of data, most of which has a spatial component. Whether for engineers planning deployment of new equipment, operations scheduling maintenance work, or marketing balancing the existing network with predicted demand in specific areas, our solution provides anyone in the organization with access to accurate information, through a suite of applications that are ready-to-use.

The proposed solution has been developed in close cooperation with experts in the power supply industry. It integrates a great number of specialized features addressing the daily requirements of users, makes use of a centralized database (STAR-APIC DB or Oracle Spatial), and utilizes transaction and locking mechanisms for real multi-user operation and guaranteed database consistency.


We offer an integrated pipeline management solution based on its GIS and Web solution and named PipeGuardian through our strategic partners. We also offers a variant of the PipeGuardian solution: PipeGuardian SC. PipeGuardian SC is an "off-the-shelf" solution with limited features for remote access to pipeline equipment. "PipeGuardian" SC is a turnkey solution for pipelines crossing desert areas but also for security reasons in rural areas. PipeGuardian SC allows immediate intervention in case of incident with a pipeline and alerts the operators in case of abnormal behaviour. The system can be configured for automatic complete cut-off in case of emergency.

The PipeGuardian SC solution is built on an integrated, simple, open and modular architecture. The same system can be used for the intelligent calibration of pigging data during pipeline maintenance operations.

PipeGuardian SC can be connected to virtually any remote terminal unit (RTU), electronic field measurement (EFM) server and PLC in use today. Communication to RTUs and PLCs operates over TCP/IP and serial networks supporting dial-up, radio, microwave and satellite communication.
PipeGuardian SC also offers the possibility to measure Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as performance calculations. This functionality can significantly improve the profitability of the operation.

Data, alarms and events are aggregated and transformed into useful information, enabling decision-making. The result of these analyses can be displayed via the Web interface throughout the organization.

Land Management

For many years, Spa Geo Technologies is working in the field of land management. We offer solutions to optimize exchanges between organizations, to visualize and process land data with precision. Our offer is diversified but most of all, scalable according to the size of the organisation, the technical means and the budgets.
Our land management solutions provide real answers in terms of:

  • Cadastre (land data applications).
  • Urban planning (topography and infrastructure design applications).
  • Environmental management
  • Applications aimed at port authorities.
  • Safety and public security (police applications).
  • Data sharing with the setting up of Geographic Data Infrastructures (GDI) in any organization (the GeoSpatial Hub).
  • Several architectures are possible for these solutions: Windows client/server, single station, TSE application server with graphics terminals, Oracle or proprietary data server, GPS, tablet PC, Web thin clients (Internet/Intranet/Extranet), CD-ROM,. Furthermore, We offers a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution that provides outsourced, subscription based hosted GIS applications.


Water and sewerage networks management is one of the major fields, where SpaGeo is working with Hydraulic Experts. Based on several years of experience acquired with leading operators in France, United Kingdom, Argentina, India and other countries across the globe. We integrate with our partner's product ELYX AQUA, as one of leading Water and Sewerage Network Management Software. The Solution is highly scalable and integrated with other technologies and database.

  • Development, main­tenance and update of the network plans stored in a central shared data­base.
  • Providing staff in drawing offices and engineering offices with applications specific to water network manage­ment (such as leakage detection, zone management, fire hydrant coverage...).
  • Development of an interface with SAP/R3 to create and follow up work tickets related to all network interventions.
  • Development of an interface with Water utility department's Electronic Document Management system for the storage of installation plans or any documents related to network objects.
  • Implementation of mobile GIS for field workers.
  • Integrated with EPANET and other hydraulic modelling tools and technologies

Integrated GIS based Fiber Optical cables management solution (IGFMS)

Optical fiber is now the backbone or trunk networks of today's network and also as access to deeper and deeper into the network including local access and "to the curb" applications. The challenges of maintaining such a complex network continues to increase at a rate that make traditional maintenance and repair strategies inefficient and thus costly for many carriers and service providers. Carriers and service providers need to become more efficient in managing their networks.
The primary challenges are:

  • Fiber quality issues
  • Documentation problems of High Count Fiber
  • Higher bandwidth communications equipment delivering more revenue per cable
  • More competition forcing a greater focus on QoS
  • Increased reliance on leased physical plant resulting in a dependence on others to solve problems
  • Increased reliance on contracted OSP maintenance crews resulting in less control and assurance of network quality
  • A greater diversity of services and applications running on networks originally designed for a single type of service

The IGFMS includes Management of fibre optic cables using GIS, It has following features:
  • It can convert the pre-existing hard copy documentation of fiber optic network, into an interactive database format.
  • It can create a GIS format graphical representation of our fiber optic network, showing fiber cable spans, fiber duct banks, splice and access point locations, termination cabinets, attached equipment, etc.
  • It has an ability to do network traces, fiber data reporting (taper reports, end point schematics, route schematics, splice schematics, termination panel schematics, etc.) interrelationship data between fiber network components, etc.
  • It has an ability to map to fault locations using input ODTR data to locate position of faults. Planning future fiber cable network additions, extensions, and or uses.
  • It has an ability to breakdown used and unused fibers, leased fibers, priority of fibers, cost summarizations, etc.
  • The IGFMS is integrated with Web GIS.
  • Quickly obtain an accurate view of your network for maintenance and reporting and share it company-wide in seconds.
  • Analyze data stored in a Database (Oracle / SQL/MySQL/Postgres/PostGIS database through standard or customized reports).
  • Increase network design efficiencies by testing possible routes, installations, and connections before you build them. Provide management with complete, accurate and on-time reports for better decision making.
  • Develop superior target marketing by pin-pointing network assets, their capacity and availability, and the specific potential customers within range of these assets.
  • Various reports including specific chart or statistic or customised reports Track database progress over time. Historical trends are displayed graphically so you can easily see how your database grows through the documentation process.
  • IGFMS has Tracking and Resource Management and integrated with Mobile GIS data collection software