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Groundwater Modelling using MODFLOW

SPAGEO is leader in Ground water consultancy, is pleased to announce the industry training in Delhi/ NOIDA in the month of Sept, 2015 and is bringing together India's leading experts from CGWB, universities and research agencies to deliver professional training that's not just relevant and stimulating, but will enhance your organisation's own ground water resource management training.

The course is intended for all middle/senior level engineers from central and state government, professionals and officers working in the field of water resources, irrigation, agriculture and related areas, as well as faculty from Universities and Colleges, research scholars, and students etc. The course is targeted at both new users of MODFLOW as well as water resources professionals who want to expand their modelling experience. Prior experience with MODFLOW /ground water modelling would be an asset, but is not mandatory.

Course Objectives
The Course will:

  • Develop groundwater modelling skills and an understanding of subsurface flow regimes, the way in which conceptual models of a groundwater system can be built, and how appropriate modelling software can be used to test and refine that understanding;
  • Provide a sound introduction to MODFLOW

On completion of the course, participants will understand:

  • Good practices in groundwater flow and transport modelling;
  • The nature of conceptual, mathematical and numerical models of groundwater systems;
  • The use of data in groundwater modelling;
  • The processes of model calibration, validation and sensitivity analysis.

Participants will be able to:

  • Develop a conceptual model of a groundwater flow system from typical data sets;
  • Translate a conceptual model into a numerical model;
  • Set up and run groundwater flow simulations using MODFLOW.

Course Outline

  • Groundwater flow processes;
  • Numerical methods for groundwater modelling;
  • Conceptual model development;
  • Introduction to groundwater modelling software;
  • Model calibration;
  • Case Study;

For whom the course is designed for?

The course is suitable for Hydrogeologists, Civil Engineers, groundwater professionals, water policy makers and people who may commission or use results from groundwater models as well as those needing to develop their own models.


Groundwater Industry Professionals with solid background of mathematical modelling studies and having knowledge of cutting edge tools of modelling.

Groundwater Modelling Course: Rs 45000.00

We offer a 10 percent discount to early birds and 25% discount to Research Scholars and University students.
The course fee includes tuition, course materials, lunch and refreshments. Formal assessment may be available for this Course. Assessment attracts an additional fee of Rs. 5000.00, and delegates will be issued with a transcript and Certificate of Credit Achieved.

Venue & Duration

  New Delhi, One week starting from 21-Sep 2015

Please do register at for registration and early bird discount.
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