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ConnectMaster™ is a standard software solution for the management, planning, engineering, design, documentation and maintenance of infrastructure communications networks. ConnectMaster™ ensures consistent and transparent mapping of the communication network (site level, regional or national), complete with all active and passive communication equipment (Towers, antennas, terminal devices, cabinets, terminal strips, multiplexers, optical and copper cables, switches, routers, etc.), as well as of the fully detailed signal, service, and channel schematics at Layer 1, 2 and 3 of the OSI stack

Product Description

End-To-End View


As ConnectMaster is able to document all, the passive and active network inventory as well as the – logical – data transmission services, it offers horizontal and vertical end to end views for a certain logical data transmission service.

The horizontal end-to-end view allows to follow the routing of a data transmission service through the network within one layer

The vertical end-to-end view allows you to investigate crossover all layers which bearer services and which active and passive components are used by this service



The autorouting assistant helps you to find your optimal fiber path in shortest time.

Taking a meshed fiber network as example, we now have the task to find a new fiber path from location A to B. Theoretically we have many different options to realize that. But in practice we need to consider, if enough free fibers would be available in each section and also want to take technical frame conditions like maximum damping, maximum number of nodes passed, minimum new splices, minimum patches, etc. into account.

Projects & Cost Management

Keep control on project timeline, responsibilities, progress and cost.

To support that, ConnectMaster provides tools for project management and bill of materials,  operational and project activity cost and additional project cost.

Planning & Change Management

The extended user rights management and the database versioning mechanisms make sure, that the operational as is network is not impacted by the several planning- and engineering projects.

Several users of an engineering team can create and work on independent planning projects in parallel.

After having done the quality check of the implemented project, the as-built documentation of the new network inventory can be transferred to the live network documentation by a controlled workflow.

Geo WMS Adapter


You will value this feature to avoid site surveys in early engineering stages of a network construction project performing a desktop survey instead.


Impact Analysis

Impact Analysis is a great tool to simulate and predict the impact of unplanned or planned outages of network components.

You can start simulation on every layer of your network and will get as result, which physical or logical services are impacted. In the analysis the individual protection of each network service is taken into account.

Looking on the time schedule, also multiple events can occur in parallel. With the „Time-based Impact Analysis“ also multiple parallel events can be checked if they would lead to an operational problem.

Single Point of Failure Analysis

Icon SPoF Analysis

Check for 2 or more network services, which common network components are used and which redundancy weak points arise thereby.

In operations this feature also can be used for fault correlation of multiple disturbed services checking which common components are used … one of that common components could be the root cause for the multiple outage of the services.

OTDR Fault on Map


Based on OTDR measurement navigate your technicians out in the field to the fault location.

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