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PQM® offers the most advanced and professional tool set for building your transport & microwave network whether it be small or large. Built and designed by experienced and highly regarded transport & microwave network design engineers. Backed by an unmatched level of support, ingenuity and commitment with a focus on innovation and understanding the customer's real needs.

  • Complete microwave network design
  • Physical and Logical Routing & Layouts
  • Capacity Planning & Inventory plugins
  • Full design automation
  • Easy import and export capabilities
  • Customisable plug-in
  • MS Windows, Linux, MAC OS and Solaris
  • Easy integration through its multi database support engine
  • True 3D rendering, including terrain and buildings
  • On demand terrain, morphology, satellite and more
  • In-built network and equipment auditing
  • Easy to use, with online "live" user guide and videos

Product Description


The capacity plugin allows the network designer to dimension the entire network based on the inbuilt hierarchy-wise PQM engine. Both generic site capacities and loaded profiles can be used for setting the required network capacity. Once the total link capacities have been determined, PQM will automatically allocate the appropriate equipment based on the band, bandwidth, throughput, XPIC and ACM capabilities. Additionally the entire frequency planning can be automated to count for the link design changes. Combined with PQM's projects feature, several scenarios can be obtained and compared in order to achieve an optimised network design.


  • capacity03

Main Capacity Allocation Window: extraction of hierarchy and traffic dimensioning



The inventory plugin allows a complete and detailed network configuration BOQ based on preconfigured equipment items such as hardware parts, manuals, training, maintenance software update etc. These are then used to dynamically create a link, site or a whole network's inventory and spare parts list allowing you to determine required stock and total costs.


  • pluginInv01


The project management is a powerful yet simple plugin which allows you to track the progress of sites and links within your network.


  • pluginPrgMgt02




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