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Water Solutions & Technology

Water Resources & Management Information System

We work on various world known and standard technology to develop Water Resource & Management Information system, which is open, object-oriented, three tier architecture, web-based and Internet based, supporting the seamless integration of databases, GIS, simulation and oiptimization models, and analytical tools.
Our solution works for Real-time data management, simulation and non-linear multi-objective, multi-criteria optimization modeling, with data assimilation, forecasting, and reporting, and support for operational management which can be provided with a real-time rule-based expert system.
We do advocate KISTERS WISKI as tailor made water resources management system with its unique time series management inside is a standard setting software package created from 20 years of experience in the field of hydrology, where we will customize your hydrological workbench with the WISKI modules according to your requirements:

  • Flood forecast and alarming
  • Flow measurement
  • Digitalisation of time-variation curves and total curves
  • Card displaying with GIS functionalities
  • Rating curve editor
  • Telemetry / Online data acquisition
  • Time series viewer
  • Calculation server
  • WISKI data in the Internet
  • Water quality
  • Automation of operative processes

Time Series Data Management

The Data Management Suite provides a complete solution to environmental data management incorporating components to manage time-series data, groundwater bore information and water quality data as well as providing a mapping interface and modelling tools. The Product Suite is aimed at organisations who need to manage large amounts of data
It can provide an unrivalled capability in:

  • Data Acquisition
  • Data Importing & Exporting
  • Data Management
  • Data Analysis
  • Modelling and Simulation
  • Automated Task Scheduling and Processing
  • Integrated with Water Quality database
  • Integrated with Groundwater database
  • Integrated with GIS functions
  • Integrated with Modeling packages
  • User Configurable

Measurement - forecast-based decision-making - analysis

We provide solution for the real-time measurement and short-term forecasting of rainfall on each square kilometre of a given area covered by radar hydrometeorology. CALAMAR is a genuine decision-making tool; combined with probabilistic (risk indicator) or deterministic (rainfall flow) models, it enables forecasting of rainstorms which is sufficiently accurate to allow time to act in-field.
CALAMAR is geared to stakeholders who have to deal with situations which are significantly affected by rainfall in both built-up and rural areas:

  • Flood Forecasting Agencies
  • Local government officials with responsibility for flood risk management
  • Managers of sanitation and/or natural waterways:
    • Real-time management of network infrastructures
    • Permanent diagnostic reporting for urban sanitation networks
    • Assistance in planning network maintenance operations
  • Engineers responsible for drafting or finalising the hydraulic model for a sanitation network and/or a watershed's rainfall-flow model
  • Hydrologists wishing to improve a measurement network

Ground Water Information and Management System

Our solution for the ground water information and management system includes web GIS based geosciences database having well logs, exploration data, water level data, hydrometereological data, geophysical data, artificial data and other data like hydrogeology, geology, lithology, watershed etc and having real time integration with water level data through telemetry or GSM based Digital water level and quality recorders. The ground water analysis and modeling tools are also integrated with our GIS based ground water information and management system.