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We Start, work closely and take you where you want to go

Our Design team works with your team in order to create stunning interactive 3d maps of your building, urban zone, infrastructure, university or campus, municipal area and smart cities. We work along with world expert organization to use customized mapping software to develop base layers and top of it, editable 3d maps, considering all your future needs.

The features of our services and our partner’s platform  that allow you to create, manage and publish interactive maps include:

  • Update and customize maps , edit and updates layers with information and digital content
  • Integrate with IOT devices,  live data feeds, videos and real-time asset tracking
  • Virtual engagement opportunities for users and visitors
  • Map Tour and  360 degree virtual tour
  • Embed widgets and other apps into your map
  • Responsive for  mobile devices
  • Customised  print views
  • Support mobile, kiosk and digital signage


We create 3D maps using high-quality geospatial data for 3D visualizations, simulations, and dynamic location-based experiences. We use innovative and State of Art technologies for creating digital city model, smart buildings and more.

We create 3d Model in LOD1, LOD2, LOD3, LOD4 using digital photographs from Drone and terrestrial camera and LIDAR data.

Indoor 3D Maps

3D maps transform any building or venue into an immersive environment. With an indoor data acquisition using Drone /Fixar Indoor , we can easily visualize any building in 3D to optimize building management, resources, and planning.

  • Smart building solutions with accurate indoor 3D maps for mobile, web, VR, and AR applications.
  • Customized maps based on users’ specific needs, data, and access levels (display different information for different types of users).
  • Integrate with IoT data for next-level employee and visitor engagement.


Augmented Reality and 3D Maps

Augmented Reality (AR) is new buzz word and would depend on a dynamic, accurate 3D map:  a digital twin that integate location based information, content and experiences to real-world coordinates. With the world leading software solution providing mapping system, virtual and physical worlds merge together to transform  to understand data, and interact with our environment.

AR Maps Merge the Real and Physical Worlds

We use world leading mapping platform and  can create digital twin experiences based on real-world environments. The possibilities of discovering the world are endless using 3D maps with AR support.

  • Location-based information through an AR-enabled device.
  • Virtually place any content in a 3D map User walk through and can point his phone at an object, and if content exists on the digital twin, data displays as location-based labels.
  • Users can view photos, reviews, contact information, and more for things like Wi-Fi hotspots, restaurants, houses /apartment for sale.